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As we gave the highest rate to Bitcoin Sportsbook JETWIN, we used some screenshots from this website to give you the most explicit explanation that JETWIN’s Bet Slip and lines excellently provide us with.

Bets on sport events are divided into three big groups:

  • Single  – single bet on the certain sport event result. Winning is: bet amount multiplied by odds. (our – 1.60 X $1 = $1.60)


  • Multi bet – combination of several bets. Note: only bets of unrelated events can be used in combination (i.e. events, the results of which do not depend on each other). There can be two or more different events used. The bigger number or events, the more you win and the more difficult is to win, as bets on all events must win simultaneously. Multi bet will be considered as lost if at least one its bet loses. Winning odds are the product of all bet odds of Multi bet. (our – 1.60 X 2.15 = 3.44 Therefore, if two events win, you stake $1 and your possible payout is 3.44 X $1 = $3.44)


  • System – certain combination of Multi bets. For example, you have chosen 3 events ABC. You selected the combination System 2/3. It is the same as if you placed 3 bets and staked 1$ for each – AB, AC, BC, so in our case $3. The situation is milder, because you get money for each event separately. If you bet on the events AB wins, but bets on AC and BC loose, you will get money for the bet AB.  There are other combinations, System Trixie (4 bets), System 2/4 (6 bets), System 2/5 (10 bets) etc.

3             multi2

To cut a long story short, just have a look how bet settlement displayed at JETWIN Bitcoin Sportsbook. So, we staked $3 on System 2/3, and combination of sport events 2 and 3 won (our selections Real Sociedad and SV Mattersburg won), so the winning is $3.40.


Basic bet types:

Match Result 3-Way. First team to win; Draw; Second team to win.

Double Result. First team to win or Second team to win; First team to win or Draw; Second team to win or Draw. For example, if first team wins or game ends in draw, bet wins etc.

Money line. First team to win; Second team to win. Therefore, Draw option is missing.

Handicap. To explain you the simplest way possible, this bet is placed when you are sure that certain team will definitely win and score more goals. Numbers like 0:2 are used for this purpose (see below pick Stavanger Oilers 0:2). What would it mean? If the game actual score is 5:1, for your bet (Stavanger Oilers 0:2) it will mean 5:1+2 = 5:3, therefore, your team Stavanger Oilers will win anyway. You are sure about this team, and know that it will score more goals than Vienna Capital and define the number of goals. As simple as that.

There are different types of Handicaps, one of them is Asian handicap, you can also see it below. Numbers -0.5, -1 mean minus 1 goal (e.g. actual score 7:5, 7-1=6; 6:5, so you won) and if actual score is e.g. 4:3, 4-0.5 = 3.5, so score will be 3.5:3; 3.5>3 –   it is not a draw and your selected team wins. If you have a draw 3:3, your bet will loose (3-0.5=2.5; 2.5:3).



Total Goals Over/Under. The number of goals scored; over or under of certain number defined in the line:


There is a great variety of bet types; sometimes their lines help you to understand the whole meaning:





Each event can have 20, 30, 40 different bet types within, JETWIN has their number written on the right side:


So, the more you experiment with different bet types, the better chance you have to find bet type you are lucky at most. This and other factors explained in our article How to Win at Bitcoin Sportsbook? are very important to form your own personal statistics to earn money at Bitcoin Sportsbook.

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