How to Choose a Bitcoin Sportsbook?

download (9)What criteria should be considered when choosing a Sportsbook?

First and the main criteria to take into account – financial reliability.

In other words, you need to exclude the possibility of becoming a victim of fly-by-night Bitcoin Sportsbook, which is created for a purpose to collect as much as possible first deposit amounts of trustful players and disappear of course together with their money.

Every year a considerable number of such bookies tend to appear and disappear suddenly, so you should be extremely careful choosing your Bitcoin Sportsbook.

How to differ an unfair Sportsbook from a large and reliable one?

It is not a difficult task. Sometimes it is enough to take a glance at badly-made primitive Bitcoin Sportsbook to disclose an unfair business.

Such bookies usually have a poor selection of sports, bet types; offer incredibly favourable terms of the first deposit bonus and even promise money for registration; have a low website traffic; lack in licence information etc.

A serious and adequate player will never register and deposit at such Sportsbooks, but the basic part of users will consist of free bet and small stakes lovers. You will not find such bookies in our website; it is highly recommended to avoid suspicious bookies.

If a Sportsbook exists for quite a long time and it has many player registrations it is a strong signal of financial strength and company stability.

Account problems can also appear at a reliable Sportsbook, but only to players violating Sportsbook’s rules. Nevertheless, even in a situation like that large bookmakers when closing accounts will return money to the unfair players.

Second criteria for Bitcoin Sportsbook selection is its popularity among players. According to most players, the more popular is the Sportsbook, the more attractive it is. The current criteria is valuable, but also ambiguous because a highly contradictory information can be found about one and the same Bitcoin Sportsbook in a large number of forums, websites, ratings and debates.

It does not refer to new unknown bookies, but to serious reliable companies.

So, how can you finally get an answer?

Having our own betting experience at different Bitcoin Sportsbooks and certain knowledge in this sphere, as well as got through a large number of mistakes and misconceptions, we have created our own Bitcoin Sportsbooks Rating and Reviews.

We have situated from top to down Sportsbooks which we consider to be the most attractive for both beginners and experienced bettors.

What were we guided by when creating our rating?

  1. Opinion based on our experience (placed bets at given Bitcoin Sportsbooks);
  2. Overwhelming positive or negative responses to relevant Bitcoin Sportsbooks from bookmaker forums, blogs and other web chats;
  3. Extras such as bonus offers, interface usability important for bettors and some elements which distinguish certain Sportsbook from others.

We really hope that this information will help you (or has already helped) to make a right choice.

Good luck with your bets and never lose your mind chasing after winnings!

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