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download (5)What is sport prognosis and why is it so popular to certain part of bettors at Bitcoin Sportsbooks?

Any sport prognosis – one person’s or a group of people’s prediction of certain sport event/game outcome (according to his/her or their opinion).

In fact, prognosis of the upcoming game is done by anyone who places bets on sport events, as he/she before placing bets supposes how certain game will be finished.

However, there is a certain community (so called sport predictors), who give their sport prognoses for a broad community, which can use these prognoses for bets on suggested sport events.

Let us figure out, who are these predictors and where do they come from?

We would divide sport predictors into several categories:

  1. Professional sportcasters, trainers, former or active sportsmen, various specialists, directly related to sport.
  2. Experienced sport bettors, who think that they are good at (they consider so) one or another championship, one or another team etc.
  3. Just successful bettors, who have, as they think, higher percentage of outcome prediction than the other bettors.
  4. Some people having a confidential (closed) information of upcoming ‘fixed’ matches, trainers’ game plans, sportsmen state of wealth and another useful information not available for a broad number of people.

There are utter charlatans who claim themselves to be real professionals in this sphere (quite a lot of them!), but we didn’t even make a separate category for them.

Before using any ‘third hand’ prognosis, it is necessary to keep in mind that such predictors take no personal responsibility for you lost money and your losings will remain your losings.

Prognosis can be both free and paid.

Everything is clear about free sport prognoses. In this case you risk only your stake. There you may take into account first category’s prognoses.

Situation changes with paid prognoses, as you do not only risk money on bet, but also on such prognosis.

The internet is full of paid sport prognoses, which are mostly given by 2,3,4 category people.

Think twice before you decide to subscribe for any kind of paid prognosis or consider prognosis of the following sport event to be 100% right.

These people themselves do not earn money on bets, but on prognoses (sure option!!!) and if everything was as attractive as they promise, they would use these prognoses themselves and soon become very rich. Why don’t they do that?

But in a real life situations everything is not so simple, and such ‘predictors’ benefit from naive users buying their prognoses.

It can be separately said about ‘fixed’ matches, the information of which is frequently given everywhere.

Having paid money for such information, even if it turned to be true, you can easy remain with pointlessly spent money, because as soon as many bookmakers have the slightest suspicion of ‘fixed’ match outcomes, they take away lines on such matches and return winning bet at odds 1.0.

To sum up, if you bet or are planning to bet on sport, you will probably face sport prognoses. It is important to remember, that the final decision of which team and stake to bet on should be made by you exclusively. We would recommend using simple rules to create your own betting strategy discussed at How to Win at Bitcoin Sportsbook?

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